No, this is not an interesting, kinky, sexy-type article. The title refers to energy drinks. One in particular which used to go by the name of Kick but has been rebranded to Kx (‘A change in name but the kick stays the same!’) A much more dynamic name, I think you’ll agree, although I have no idea of how you might pronounce it.

Reading the back of the can (which is preferable to reading criticism at this point) I noticed that it is in fact a fruit drink. You will be entirely unable to tell this from drinking it of course, although to give it credit where it’s due, it does taste slightly less vile than Red Bull. Anyway, it contains extracts of carrot, apple, hibiscus, lemon and safflower. Whatever safflower is.

Now I know that all sounds very pleasant but if you’re downing energy drinks full of caffeine and sugar, I feel it is unlikely that you care to much about your health. I don’t like the pretence. I know my body is not a temple, I’m fine with it, stop trying to convince me that Kx is going to do me any good whatsoever. I do grant that it is having some effect though, this post is proof of that.


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