The ‘Mad Men’ Drinking Game

I’ve started watching Mad Men and despite the many qualities the show might have the one that struck me most was, ‘WOW, those people could drink!’ We think we’re good at getting hammered but actually they could definitely teach us a thing or two. I give you…

The ‘Mad Men’ Drinking Game

Guaranteed to get you so drunk you’ll make a pass at someone but it will in no way affect your career prospects!

WARNING: This game is not intended for actual play. If you do you will probably die of alcohol poisioning and it will damage your baby.

one delicate sip of your Martini every time

-Peggy lets a sexist/derogatory remark relating to her appearance or intelligence completely slide off of her and smiles sweetly
-every time the men refer to the women as ‘morons’

-an item of Peggy’s clothing gets ripped

-Betsy acts like a little girl

A shot of vodka every time

-a black person continues to be courteous after being patronised by a white person, then quietly scowls once their back is turned

-you see a pregnant woman smoking

-you see a pregnant woman drinking

-someone drink drives

Have a mint julep every time you see

-someone acting inappropriately with someone who isn’t their husband/wife

-one of the men says that they want to give their women ‘everything they want’

Have a shot of whisky or “Scotch” when

– one of the men is asked to zip up the back of his wife/mistress’s dress

-Red says something about it being the role of the woman to be subservient/suppliant/bitch of the men

Sink an Old Fashioned when

-Don stiffens up at any mention of his past and causes an awkward silence

-Don has a full-blown flashback about his forgotten childhood


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