Film/Drinking Game: The Hangover II

There are plenty of conventional reviews from real critics justifiably slamming Todd Phillips’s sequel for going to ever greater to lengths to gross out viewers in an attempt to differ from its predecessor while keeping on the formulaic path it set out. Perhaps predictably, and having little else to add, this review will come in the form of an ironic drinking game. Ironic in the sense that I absolutely do not endorse playing this game as measures are intended for comic effect not consumption. There. Not that I think people who read my blog might be stupid/suicidal yet whimsical.

If you prefer drinking games to reviews see also:

Hangovers II & III

Doug looks and behaves like Paul Rudd in romantic comedy mode – keep sipping on Chardonnay through a straw from the bottle

Phil’s shirt is open to detract from the tedium of the overacting, groaning and hysteria in the initial “disorientation” scene – gin and slimline tonic and as many crunches as you can manage before you realise exercise is boring

The joke about Stu claiming to be a doctor when he is in fact a dentist is laboured – gargle a capful of Listerine

Phil has a stab at playing a responsible adult – that is, shouting instructions, phoning a woman, lying to Alan, cradling a child/small primate – before switching back into a feckless poser – drink your preferred brand of extortionate imported bottled beer

Mr Chow makes a reference to his balls – a shot of Knobb Creek

You see a monkey wearing a denim jacket and smoking – give the absinthe a miss

Female partner of one the men gives glassy-eyed forgiving look – shot of vodka

Gratuitous full frontal nudity  (A ladyboy? Unexpected!) – shot of tequila

Visual gag centring on Alan’s lardy backside/paunch – glass of Bailey’s

Pop music and slow motion lazily used to promote false sense of excitement/grandeur = pass out


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